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So in case you were wondering what we're all about ...

Your frozen dessert destination

That Yogurt Place is a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt (or as those in the know say, froyo) shop located in the heart of the High Desert of southwest Wyoming. We've been spreading the great health benefits and frankly, the outright deliciousness of our rich and creamy froyo to locals and visitors alike since 2011. All you'll ever need to know about us you'll find here so please feel free to poke around, the worst we'll do is give you a brain freeze.

Current Flavors
frozen yogurt

Cake Batter *Fan Favorite*

All the awesome flavor of homemade cake batter without having to lick the spoon, but it’s so good you may want to

Almond Milk Swirl Amaretto

One of our newest flavors, this froyo takes the great almond flavor of amaretto and dials it up by using almond milk to make a vegan treat

No Sugar Added Chocolate

What could be better than the classic taste of chocolate in creamy froyo form? The fact that we’ve made it without adding extra sugar!

Pink Lemonade Sorbet

A sweet and tart sorbet as soothing as a summer day spent sitting and sipping lemonade on the front porch

No Sugar Added Blueberry

We don’t have a patch of blueberries growing out back but you might think we do when you experience this froyo without any added sugar

Mountain Blackberry

Lace up your hiking boots cause this blackberry flavor is taking nonfat froyo to new heights

Tiger's Blood Italian Ice

Our tiger’s blood flavor mixes watermelon, strawberry, and cocnut to make one sweet treat - all without hurting any actual tigers

SToK® Cold Brew Gelato

We’ve added SToK’s® sweet, smooth, and sumptuous cold brew coffee to our gelato base to create this creamy treat - with a kick!

Peanut Butter

So much yummy peanutty flavor in every creamy smooth spoonfull you’d expect us to serve it with a side of jelly

Euro Tart

This is one of our lightest, creamiest froyos. It’s a naturally tart, crisp flavor that’s a perfect base for your favorite toppings

Tahitian Vanilla

Straight from the islands, this smooth and creamy vanilla is perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings

Island Banana

When it comes to this flavor, we don’t monkey around. This nonfat yogurt takes you to the tropics with every smooth and sweet spoonful.



Tuesday is going to become your new favorite day of the week because of our #TastyTuesday promotion! Come in every Tuesday and if you can get your froyo treat to weigh exactly the same number of ounces as the lucky number of the day, then it's on the house!

Private Events

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Superstars Preschool recently came and took a behind-the-scenes tour of our little shop. Would you like to host a private party or get a tour? Just call us for more info!

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

See some of the most recent faces who've come in to the shop and enjoyed our sweet and delicious froyo! Have you been featured?