About Us

So in case you were wondering what we're all about ...

Your frozen dessert destination

That Yogurt Place is a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt (or as those in the know say, froyo) shop located in the heart of the High Desert of southwest Wyoming. We've been spreading the great health benefits and frankly, the outright deliciousness of our rich and creamy froyo to locals and visitors alike since 2011. All you'll ever need to know about us you'll find here so please feel free to poke around, the worst we'll do is give you a brain freeze.

Current Flavors
frozen yogurt

Pumpkin *Seasonal*

Fall is upon us and it’s getting cold outside, so don’t spend all night in a patch searching for a pumpkin, it’s right here

Caramel Green Apple *Seasonal*

Feel like you’re at the county fair with the sweet and tangy taste of our custom blend caramel green apple froyo

SToK® Cold Brew Gelato

We’ve added SToK’s sweet, smooth, and sumptuous cold brew coffee to our gelato base to create this creamy treat - with a kick!

New York Cheesecake *Fan Favorite*

Think you gotta go to New York to taste New York cheesecake? Fa-get-about-it! We’ve got it right here in a tasty froyo.

No Sugar Added Raspberry

Want to experience the taste of fresh raspberries but don’t want to find any to pick? Pull the handle & experience fresh from the bush taste

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake treat you’ve always wanted is here, so go ahead, party like it’s your birthday

Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet

Open wide for the sweet strawberry and sensational kiwi taste. These two flavors together forever, in pure delicious harmony

Dutch Chocolate

Why mess with perfection? Get the decadent cocoa flavor of Dutch processed beans in this creamy, lowfat yogurt

Graham Cracker

This froyo is all it’s cracked up to be and more! Pull the handle and enjoy the sweet flavor of this classic cracker turned froyo

Pomegranate Raspberry Tart

This unbelievably refreshing tart has a crisp and tangy bite that pops with a hint of fruity sweetness as you lick it off the spoon

Country Vanilla

A light, delicate vanilla flavor so sweet it’s like it was hand churned down on the farm fresh this morning

Mountain Blackberry

Lace up your hiking boots cause this blackberry flavor is taking nonfat froyo to new heights



Tuesday is going to become your new favorite day of the week because of our #TastyTuesday promotion! Come in every Tuesday and if you can get your froyo treat to weigh exactly the same number of ounces as the lucky number of the day, then it's on the house!

Private Events

Want to Visit

Superstars Preschool recently came and took a behind-the-scenes tour of our little shop. Would you like to host a private party or get a tour? Just call us for more info!

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

See some of the most recent faces who've come in to the shop and enjoyed our sweet and delicious froyo! Have you been featured?