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So in case you were wondering what we're all about ...

Your frozen dessert destination

That Yogurt Place is a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt (or as those in the know say, froyo) shop located in the heart of the High Desert of southwest Wyoming. We've been spreading the great health benefits and frankly, the outright deliciousness of our rich and creamy froyo to locals and visitors alike since 2011. All you'll ever need to know about us you'll find here so please feel free to poke around, the worst we'll do is give you a brain freeze.

Current Flavors
frozen yogurt

Cake Batter *Fan Favorite*

All the awesome flavor of homemade cake batter without having to lick the spoon, but it’s so good you may want to

Pistachio *Fan Favorite*

We're nuts about the perfectly pistachio flavor of this smooth nonfat froyo, and we know you are too!

Coconut Milk *Non-dairy*

This creamy soft serve made of real coconut milk is light, creamy, & subtly sweet. It’s like breaking open a fresh coconut right here in Rock Springs!

Orchard Cherry

Experience the exquisite fresh cherry flavor in this silky, nonfat frozen yogurt. It’s so fresh you’d think we have an orchard out back

No Sugar Added Blueberry

We don’t have a patch of blueberries growing out back but you might think we do when you experience this froyo without any added sugar

White Vanilla

Vanilla lovers unite! Extra creamy, with a smoother, richer taste, it’s the classic vanilla flavor you’ve been waiting for

Mango Sorbet

In need of something with a tropical taste? Look no further! Made with real mango puree, it's creamy and smooth!

Georgia Peach

We’ve got a real peach of a treat for you with this silky smooth froyo, ripe with luscious fruit flavor


A creamy, frozen version of the perfectly mixed beverage you enjoy every morning. We’re sure you’ll get a shot of pure love with each spoonful

Original Tart

This recipe has been around for years! It’s a blast from the past that’s crisp, tart, refreshing, and oh so amazing

Chocolate Classic

Fair warning - you might lose yourself to the rich, creamy, milk chocolate flavor of this froyo; but the lack of fat will keep you coming back!

Island Banana

When it comes to this flavor, we don’t monkey around. This nonfat yogurt takes you to the tropics with every smooth and sweet spoonful.



Tuesday is going to become your new favorite day of the week because of our #TastyTuesday promotion! Come in every Tuesday and if you can get your froyo treat to weigh exactly the same number of ounces as the lucky number of the day, then it's on the house!

Private Events

Want to Visit

Superstars Preschool recently came and took a behind-the-scenes tour of our little shop. Would you like to host a private party or get a tour? Just call us for more info!

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

See some of the most recent faces who've come in to the shop and enjoyed our sweet and delicious froyo! Have you been featured?